Day 1 of #keto diet.

SO yesterday my stupid brain told me to eat a million and one calories in sugar, and so today Ive woken up feeling bloated and not wanting to do .. But I guess i’m starting this Keto diet and its okay with that to do a little bit of intermittent fasting. And whats more, I’m really not that hungry. SO. I will probably eat around lunchtime. I’ve worked out my macros, and even though i cant even fucking get my fitness pal on my phone ive got one called Fat Secret so that should work out fine! Another problem of my first day of being keto is that ive started at a stupid time, its my last day with my parents before I go back to France for four weeks and my mum is like WOO takeaway or WOO lets go out for dinner. Kind of difficult for me now ive started this. In fact its just going to be pretty difficult in general I think.


So below is kiiiind of what ive worked out in terms of what I should eat. Does this look okay?


2017-04-21 22_43_20-Start


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