Do i have Keto Flu? Do I even have FEELINGS?

When I broke up with my ex boyfriend he told me

“I don’t understand, you don’t even look sad. You look completely detached from it and really you don’t look like you give a fuck at all.”


Another ex boyfriend called me a robot, another called me a cold hearted bitch. I don’t know what these guys want from me. Maybe they need to man the fuck up. I do care, I don’t know how I can show it more. I guess I am pretty removed from everything though, does that make me narcissistic?

Also I had a headache ALL DAY yesterday. Which could be from switching to a keto diet. However, I slept amazingly last night which is crayzee for me. The diet is really great and I fucking LOVE BUTTER AND ALL THINGS FATTY AND MEATY SO LIFE IS A DREAM.


Headaches, salads, losing people, perseverance.

Man, my head has been in so much pain all day. I’m currently working on sorting out the things in my life that are making me feel that my heart is beating faster than normal. That’s to say that i’m trying to relieve myself from the things in life that are causing me anxiety. So far, Its not been great. The heart pounding hasn’t really subsided and i’m left with an awful uncertain feeling in the pit of my stomach all the time. I don’t understand. I’m like “Elly the chilled out one” and in reality im a wreck ha. In terms of eating, I’ve stuck pretty well to the keto diet today! I didn’t go for a run. I was too busy. I’m feeling pretty awful right now actually but OH WELL onwards and upwards I don’t want to stop and think about my life because I may actually have some sort of breakdown.


Okay, reading all this back just makes me realise how weird I am becoming. I never used to be like this. I don’t know whether I should take up the talking therapy that was offered to me or not. I need to get my mum to ring back the doctors and find out my blood test results so we can know if my moods are because of my thyroid or because of something else. I don’t really know what I want to be the outcome to be honest. Id like to know that my thyroid is okay and functioning but if it isnt then at least i can realise that that was probably the cause for all this craziness. Thyroidism is a fucking bitch

Day 1 of #keto diet.

SO yesterday my stupid brain told me to eat a million and one calories in sugar, and so today Ive woken up feeling bloated and not wanting to do .. But I guess i’m starting this Keto diet and its okay with that to do a little bit of intermittent fasting. And whats more, I’m really not that hungry. SO. I will probably eat around lunchtime. I’ve worked out my macros, and even though i cant even fucking get my fitness pal on my phone ive got one called Fat Secret so that should work out fine! Another problem of my first day of being keto is that ive started at a stupid time, its my last day with my parents before I go back to France for four weeks and my mum is like WOO takeaway or WOO lets go out for dinner. Kind of difficult for me now ive started this. In fact its just going to be pretty difficult in general I think.


So below is kiiiind of what ive worked out in terms of what I should eat. Does this look okay?


2017-04-21 22_43_20-Start